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Your words are your truth--now let them shine even brighter.

I stand apart from other writers in that I not only edit--I teach. My background as a writing tutor means you are investing in your own future writing success.

Whether you need help writing a paper or are feeling frustrated with your school's virtual learning, I have a full suite of services on offer.

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Tired of Silly Mistakes?

Just need a fresh pair of eyes to look over your work?

For pennies a word, I save you heaps of embarrassment. I will check for punctuation, formatting, and spelling errors.

Trust me: like insurance, you should always have more proofreading than you think you need.


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Get the Final Product You Imagined

In addition to checking for small errors, I consider your writing at the level of sentences and paragraphs. I will suggest changes to your prose to make it--and your ideas--shine in the best possible light.

Your paper will return to you with errors marked and plenty of helpful notes for your next draft.


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Writing Lessons

Serious about Sentences?

My signature service, drawing on a total of 6 years of tutoring experience with students from around the globe, ages 12-80.

On video, we work together with your draft, discussing its strengths and how it can be improved.

If you have a larger project--like college applications or cover letters--this will give you the skills and confidence you need to go forward boldly, pen in hand.

$35 for 30 minutes

$60 for 60 minutes

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Weekly Writing Bootcamp

Transform Your Writing

The creative process, start to finish. In a week.

Together we will take your idea from brainstorming and outlining to the finished project. This is perfect for college applications and term papers.

This personally tailored, comprehensive service includes:

-A 45 minute introductory call to discuss the project, your concerns, and our plan of attack

-Helpful notes from our call to guide you in your writing.

-Unlimited emails and texts of support for when you're facing the white, blank page.

-Line-by-line revision of your first draft.

-A summary of your writing strengths and weaknesses.

-A 45 min call to discuss your second draft in detail and close out the project.

All of this for the stellar price of $300 for the week; some writing consultants charge that much for an hour!

For longer projects or if you prefer more time working together, additional weeks are $150

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Payments accepted through PayPal or Venmo. Platform payment surcharge may apply.

Check payment available to established clients

For projects up to 50 pages, payment is up-front. For longer projects, half is due before beginning work and the other half is due upon project completion.

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